...The incomparable further development offer has been enthusiastically accepted by all employees. Initial scepticism quickly faded. We can see our employees grow out of their own limits and that they fully integrate their personal abilities and resources into their professional environment. The quality of her performances lays a good basis and therefore is a decisive factor of success for our company. Especially in the times of recession, this becomes a special significance. We are looking forward to continue a good and successful teamwork with you.

Friedhelm Demes - Team Demes

I know Elena Tecchiati since a long time and also the outstanding quality of her coaching and trainings from my own experiences. So we engaged Elena Tecchiati for a manager-team coaching.
Internal changes can be frightening and partly lead to panic. Elena Tecchiati understands to listen carefully in such situations with her quiet and engaging manner, to ask the right questions and thereby to structure the path of changes. She organized the training in a very entertaining and interesting way, also very interactive and on the highest level. With empathy and intuition she creates new breeding ground at the manager team coaching, that changes are caused precisely and effectively at that point, where they are desired. All managers were inspired and gained various new approaches for the managing work. After only a few personal coaching’s I was able to find a totally new point of view and access to my own behaviour. Even in areas of life that weren’t in the focus originally, I felt a clear relief in dealing with others and myself. With the help of the coaching I understood which processes go on in certain situations. The personal coaching was an intensive and great experience for me. Elena Tecchiati gave me various good ideas to improve my appearance including voice and my self-reflexion continuously.
Elena Tecchiati – offers a professional and individual coaching that I gladly recommended.

Joerg Obliers
- Ingenieurmanufaktur joergobliers www.ingenieurmanufaktur.de/

The very diversified training with the competent coach inspired me especially. The time passed by very fast.
The training was built up very well and perfectly adapted to the participants. Above all the feedbacks and small tricks can be realized very well in praxis. A very efficient training and praxis-orientated training and a very competent coach.
I especially liked:
• The examples Mrs Tecchiati used and partly performed • Details in the lectures that she focussed on for optimization • Strong attention to voicing and pitch in the lectures • Adoption of the training to each individual participant. • Feedback culture.

Anonymous feedbacks - Seminars for the Bayer Business Service GmbH

Mrs Tecchiati demonstrates in the topic “competence voice” time and again her brilliant know-how. With her winning and noticeably heartfelt nature, she knows better than anybody else to call and take the participants individually. Our employees are again and again inspired!

Sandra Heydrich
- HR Director
BIG direkt gesund

I’d cordially like to say thank you for two interesting days. I gained and leaned a lot. Her direct - but not too tough way - was very helpful to me. I look forward to another teamwork.

Peter Paparzynski
- Bereichsvorstand / Divisional managing board
Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG

The work with Mrs Tecchiati was precise and very effectively lead to changes at the desired point. Anyone who needs a professional voice and presentation coach, is in very good hands with Elena Tecchiati.

Dr. Axel Bauer
- Coach & Berater

By recommendation we have been made aware of Mrs Tecchiati. Due to plenty professional tips, our support could increase the customer satisfaction and productivity. Especially her examples with a practical orientation have been well accepted and could immediately be realized. Her trainings convinced us. We gladly recommend Mrs Tecchiati!

Bernhard Casier
- Sales management
Bewotec GmbH

In the summer semester 2013, Elena Tecchiati as invited guest for the topic coaching and consulting, gave a three-hour praxis speech at the College for Media, Communication and Economy. The student experienced a well-done combination of scientific based knowledge and practical experience, especially, because it all was didactically excellently presented. I thank Elena Tecchiati very much and I will be happy, if she will be available as consultant again.

Prof. Dr. Martin Beckenkamp

With her coaching, Mrs Tecchiati gave me lasting diverse good ideas to improve my appearance including voice and my self-reflection.

Dr. Ralf Duessel
- Senior Vice President Oil Additives
Evonik Industries AG